Starting a Netbrite trial site

We offer a 14 day free trial so you can try Netbrite and get to know our features before paying. We don't require credit card information to sign up for a trial site.

How trial sites work

Once you sign up for a trial site, your website is online. You'll have full access to nearly all features so you can get to know Netbrite and create a design you like. Here are some things to note about trial sites. You can create as many trial sites as you want. When you're ready to upgrade to paid service, you'll upgrade and pay for each site separately. If your trial expires, you won't have access to your site until you upgrade to paid service. If your trial expires, we'll keep its data for four months. You can't add a custom domain during the trial period.

Getting Signed Up

The series below will walk you through starting a site, and signing up for paid service. If you're new to Netbrite, bookmark this page for future reference while you create your site.

Step 1 - Creating a trial site

The first step to creating a Netbrite site is starting a trial. We offer a 14-day free trial so you can try Netbrite and get to know our features. Go to "" and enter a username, valid email address and a password. Next click the Create Account button.

Step 2 - Choosing a title

The second step to creating a Netbrite site is choosing a Site Title for your website. First you will see your site domain. This is your username by default and should not be changed. Next your will see an input for the site title. Here you will enter a title for your website. Example: "Peculiar Park Place RV Park".

Step 3 - Choosing a template

The last step to creating a Netbrite site is choosing a template. Hover over any template and click the View Demo button to preview the template. Once you found your desired template hover over the template and click the Start With This Design button. If you don't like any of our templates you can choose the Blank Template at the bottom of the page. After you choose your design scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Create Site button. You will then be shown your username, password and two links to click. First link says View Site. Second link says Admin Area. Choose the Admin Area link.