Recovering your password

This guide will show you how to reset your password for your Netbrite account.

If you know your password but want to change it, visit Changing your password.

Step 1 - Click forgot password

Go to and click the Lost your password link.

In the Password Reset window, enter the email address or username you used when creating your Netbrite account, and click Send Email.

If you don't remember which email address you used, try any email address you may have.

Step 2 - Open the email

You’ll receive a Recover Password email from with a link to reset your password.

Click the second link in the email to reset your password.

Step 3 - Create a new password

Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm it.

Next click on the RESET PASSWORD button.

Step 4 - Point of no return

If none of the above worked and your beating your head against the desk, please contact support.