Product Settings

Settings for products and how they are displayed, including image sizes, inventory and downloadable product settings.


In the General sub navigation section, Measurements and Reviews allows you to enter weight and dimensions units for products, and enable/disable ratings on product reviews.



Product Ratings

  • Enable ratings on reviews.
  • Ratings are required to leave a review.
  • Show Verified Owner label for customer reviews. A verified owner is a customer who is logged in with their account and has purchased the product.
  • Only allow reviews from verified owners.



Shop Page Display
Choose to show products, subcategories or both.

Default Category Display
Choose to show products, subcategories or both.

Default Product Sorting
Select to sort products by:

  • Default product sorting (custom ordering + name)
  • Popularity (sales)
  • Average rating
  • Most recent
  • Price (ascending/decending)
Note: Any product with the product number 0 will display before 1. By default, all products are assigned 0.

Add to cart behavior

  • Redirect to cart page after successful additionAutomatically takes customer to the cart page upon adding a product.
  • Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archivesAdds the ‘Add to Cart’ option to shop archive pages.

Product Image Sizes


These settings affect the actual dimensions of images saved in your catalog once you upload an image – the display on the front-end will be overridden by CSS styles if applied. If you change these settings, you need to regenerate thumbnails for the new image size settings to be applied.

Options include:

  • Catalog Images
  • Single Product Image
  • Product Thumbnails

Inventory Options

To edit your shop’s inventory options go to: Commerce > Settings > Product > Inventory.


Choose whether to enable stock management. If selected, you have these options:

  • Hold Stock (minutes)Hold products (for unpaid orders) for X minutes. When limit is reached, the pending order is cancelled. Leave blank to disable.
  • Enable low stock notifications
  • Enable out of stock notifications
  • Notification Recipient – Enter email address for notifications.
  • Low Stock Threshold – Number of products to trigger low stock notification
  • Out Of Stock Threshold – Number of products to trigger out of stock status.
  • Out Of Stock VisibilityChoose to hide out of stock items from catalog.
  • Stock Display Format
    • Always show stock – “12 in stock”
    • Only show stock when low – “Only 2 left in stock” vs. “In stock”
    • Never show amount

Downloadable Products


File Download Method
Controls how your store provides downloadable files to purchasers.

  • Force Downloads – Files are ‘forced’ to download via a PHP script. Files are not accessible to anyone but purchasers, and direct links are hidden.
  • X-Accel-Redirect/X-Sendfile – Similar to ‘forced’ above, but it has better performance and can support larger files. It requires that your hosting provider supports either X-Sendfile or X-Accel-Redirect, so you need to check with them first.
  • Redirect only – A download URL links the user to the file. Files are not protected from outside access.

Most stores should use one of first two methods to keep files safe from outside access. Redirect should only be used if you encounter problems or don’t mind downloads being non-secure.

Access Restriction

  • Select if downloads require loginDoes not apply to guest purchases.
  • Grant access to downloadable products after paymentEnable to grant access to downloads when orders are Processing, rather than Completed.